About Jess

Jess is a thirty-something, widowed single mom of one.  Her son is on the Autism spectrum and the light of her life.  She’s a photography enthusiast, hemp oil and CBD fanatic, a long-time network marketing supporter, thinks dating after thirty is a whole mess, and finds her way through life with lots of wit and levity.  After struggling with depression, anxiety and PTSD following the death of her husband, she seeks therapy and extends it into her writing – therapy and encouragement.


She is about to graduate with her second!! degree in Spring ’22 after several arduous years back in school for the third time. She will be approaching photography full time following graduation, amongst a dozen other pursuits.

Writing is Jess’s favorite way to express herself to a broader audience.  By writing about a broad array of topics, she’s able to reach people through her often painful experiences.  Hopefully you can find something that resonates with you in more than one post!