The “Whoosh”

I don’t know what your experience is with weight, but mine has been abysmal. I didn’t have to worry about my weight until after I had my son. My weight bounced up in my mid 20’s but only about 30lb, which wasn’t awful. It was still a decent weight for me. I felt comfortable still, my clothes fit, and its where I am ultimately hoping to end up back at in another few months!

My first official 5k Hike in about 4 months

I started hiking in September of last year, sort of by accident. I didn’t expect my route that day to be a hike, but I loved it, and kept doing it, 2, 3, 4 times a week throughout the year. I took my first comparison picture in October because I figured my weight was my weight and I wasn’t worried about doing anything special. Well, as I began to lose a little weight and thus it began.

A great milestone!

Since then, I’ve lost 25lb (11.3kg) total 🥳 the wild part: 12lb (5.4kg) of it has been since July!

From September to July, I did what is traditionally prescribed for weight loss: I had a nutritionist-designed eating plan and enrolled in a coordinating fitness program & support group. It went great from September till December… And then not so great. I lost about 15lb – about one pound per week until we hit the holidays. I stayed strict; I ate according to my plan. I kept working out. But that was the plateau. I changed things up, I ate less, I ate more, I worked out more, worked out harder, lifted more, hiked more times…. Nada.

During the last month of school, I was burnt out. I stopped working out consistently. I ate what made me happy. Thankfully, I only gained a few pounds back. Then I read The Obesity Code by Dr. Jason Fung. Absolutely stellar, science-packed reading. I was intrigued. I started implementing some of the things discussed in the book and was amazed at how much my overall inflammation dropped like a rocket. I didn’t lose any weight during the first four weeks – but I also realized I wasn’t doing it right… and wasn’t being accountable to myself, if we’re being honest.

So, in July, I enrolled in a coaching program because I was ready to try something with solid scientific backing. I tend to never half-ass anything once I set my mind to it, even if it’s failing miserably. I am determined. But much to my surprise, each week, another pound gone. Some weeks, even more. That “weight loss whoosh” experience is delightful. And it has kept going. And I haven’t had to kill myself working out, doing workouts that are just *ugh*. I get my steps in, intentionally move, have obviously done a lot of lifting in the big move, and today I hiked for the first time in what feels like forever. I didn’t change much of anything, really.

Here’s what I do differently: I’m strict about the windows when I eat.

I know, it sounds ridiculously simple. Like a “magic” bullet that shouldn’t conceivably work. I don’t eat less. I only restrict when. In theory it is simple. In practice, its a real lesson in how we got in this position, especially in American culture, and a hard pill to swallow on my own habits and health.

We graze. We nibble. We charcuterie. Now that I am purposeful in my eating, I am fixing insulin resistance – the only “problem” that never showed up on my bloodwork, ever. No supplement fixed this. No diet. No exercise. Not “hormone balancing.” Not even my thyroid is to blame.

Will this work for everyone? Its hard to say, but I will bet a hefty sum that most of my American friends would benefit from learning how to manage their eating and health. I still enjoy pizza, ice cream, diary, CARBOHYDRATES of all kinds, all in moderation, all within my eating windows. And it works. So if you need more information, comment, message me, contact me on social media (that’s the quickest way to find me!) and I can help you get started. **I do NOT financially benefit from this program whatsoever** I just firmly believe that everyone can benefit from this methodology, as well as a support coach.

Be well! ~Jess

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