Day 1 of Whole 30… YIKES!

Lets put it this way – like 99% of Americans, my relationship with food is lousy.  Due to sheer laziness and apathy, its gotten even worse in 2017.  Once I wasn’t able to go to the gym any more, I lost all passion for being extra healthy.  Lets face it, one of the best benefits of my previous product lines was losing weight without major dietary changes.  It was fantastic for people with little self control, picky people, people who just freaking love eating (aka, me hahaha).

Thanks to my enjoying myself and being happy in love – we all know love makes us fat – I’ve




gained a solid 20lbs back.  Inch wise, I’m nearly the same.  My 30 day goal is to fit in the clothes I have, and hopefully get back down to at least where I w


as in May.

Don’t get me wrong – I will still be using my CLA supplement, because, wel

l I want to maximize my results.  In conjunction, though, I’m excited to see these results!

Here’s the Whole Story about Whole 30 

Say No to: Dairy (cheese. just kill me now), Grains (bye bye bread), Suga


r (even artificial and natural sweeteners), processed foods, food “swaps” – making compliant versions of your favorite splurge foods, alcohol

Say Yes to: Eating actual food.  Crazy, right?

Ever really truly think about your walk through a grocery store?  Imagine walking down every aisle of the store without a single processed food, added sug


ar products, and grains.  Doesn’t leave a lot, does it?  See, here’s my real end goal: I am looking forward to 30 days of getting rid of my carb and sugar overuse. My go-to is always something that is not good for me.  I don’t intend to do this for anything beyond 30 days, and realistically, it shouldn’t necessarily be a way of life.  However, its an EXCELLENT reset if you’re struggling!

Side Effects:


  • Clearer skin – hellooooo I need this please and thank you! I have absolutely hated the thought that my horrifically bad skin (since I was 13) is caused by my love of dairy or grains.  It literally pains me to think about abstaining forever.
  • Lose weight, of course
  • Healthier relationship with food and especially portion size!
  • Decreased inflammation
  • Have annoying or perhaps even chronic health conditions?  This is fo
  • r you!  Even headaches will reduce
  • Change your taste for junk foods
  • Better workouts and better sleep
  • Better energy in general!  Think about this – if your diet is more balanced and healthy, your workouts are more efficient, and your sleep is better, you’re going to feel awesome

Please comment or message me personally if you want in!  O

ur accountability group has already kicked things off, but please don’t hesitate to get in on it!

*clinks sweet potatoes*


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    You got this Jess. You know I would follow you anywhere lady.

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